7 Restaurant Realities That Will Shock You

You’re a good customer. You don’t complain much. You give a generous tip. You wipe the salsa off the menu that you spilled all over before handing it back to your server. You’d think you deserve the same courtesy in return, right? After all, you ARE the one who is paying here. Apparently, not always. And there are a few restaurant realities you need to know…

1. Don’t Order Fish on Sunday (and definitely not sushi)

Fish is delivered twice a week, and rarely on the weekends. So if you can, avoid grabbing sushi with your friends on a Sunday or a Monday.

2. Not Really Non-Fat Milk

Very few restaurants actually carry skim milk, even if they say they do. If you’re just adding maybe a tablespoon of milk to your coffee, how many calories are you really splurging on by having 2% instead of skim? Think about it that way. Restaurants do.

3. Dirty Yellow in Your Water

Maybe you should stop worrying so much about the tiny bit of pink in your chicken and start worrying about the yellow in your water. I’m talking about the lemon you order for your beverages. In most restaurants the lemons are rarely washed and EVERYBODY touches them.

4. Not so “Special” Specials

The Special in a restaurant isn’t necessarily the chef’s newest gourmet creation. It’s often just the stuff the restaurant needs to sell before it goes bad. Watch out for specials that involve fish. And if the special is Gumbo, you may just want to run…

5. Vegetarians Beware

If you are a vegetarian, a lot of restaurants will tell you they use vegetarian stock even if they do not. Why? Because you probably can’t taste the difference and if they told you the truth that might rule out every item on the menu for you.

6. Hidden Sugar

If a restaurant caters mostly to families, they’ll probably put extra sugar in their kids meals. They don’t want half the family (the shorter half) saying that they won’t come back…

7. Decaffeinated Late-Night

When it gets late at night, most restaurants only serve decaf coffee, even if they say otherwise. They don’t want to clean two different pots of coffee and hey, you shouldn’t really be drinking fully caffeinated beverages too late anyways!


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