Snakes, Noodles, and Fish Eggs... 10 Weird Spa Treatments From Around The World

In most of the top brand beauty products, you’ll find ingredients that would shock you! Of course, they are usually in the form of some long name you couldn’t even begin to pronounce and since you see the ingredient everywhere, you don’t question it. While some societies cover up the strange and even disturbing realities of their beauty products and processes, others just come right out and show their true colors. Here are 10 of the strangest spa treatments from around the world. But hey, don’t bash it til you try it. You never know what could be lurking in your coveted beauty products.

Wine and Ramen Baths

We base our theme parks on Leggos and cartoon characters, Japan bases theirs off of beverages. At least one does: Yunessan Spa in Hakone, Japan where families are welcome to soak in giant baths of green tea, coffee, red wine, sake and even ramen noodles. Each of these offers benefits like immune system support or skin revitalization.

Chocolate Wraps

At the Hershey’s Hotel and Spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania, guests can experience the chocolate bean polish—a combination of cocoa bean husk exfoliation and cocoa butter moisturizer. Other treatments include a whipped chocolate bath and a chocolate fondue wrap.

Snakes Massage

While the idea of snakes induces stress for most people—the opposite desired effect of a spa treatment—in Tel Aviv, Israel one therapist lets California and Florida King snakes slither there way around your back in order to relieve tension.

Gold Facial

Another one from Japan—the 24-karat gold facial. Cleopatra used gold to maintain youthful skin and this treatment is said to accelerate cell renewal, reverse oxidation damage and revitalize skin. As to be expected though, it’s pricey, running at about $240 a treatment.

Bird Poop Facial

Ah Geishas. So delicate. So feminine. So covered in bird excrement…Wait, what? That’s right. The Geisha facial from Japan uses sterilized nightingale excrement, filled with great enzymes for the skin, as a face mask. It’s meant to exfoliate and brighten the skin.

Bull Sperm Hair Treatment

Depending on how experimental you are in the bedroom, you may find this one offensive. But in London, some salons do a bull-sperm hair conditioning treatment. They call it “Viagra for the hair” and apparently it moisturizes and brightens your hair like Panteen Pro-V never could.

Cactus Massage

Roll around in some cactus in Mexico. Well, not quite. But some resort Spas in Mexico offer a cactus massage. The therapist rubs prick-free cactus paddies all over the client to get the cactus meringue and blossom into the skin, said to help remove toxins and hydrate the skin.

Fanny Facial

These are becoming popular from coast to coast in the states now. The “facial” begins with a light exfoliation, followed by micro-current therapy to remove and lumps and bumps and finally finishes with a spray tan. Maybe you will finally consider a thong bikini after this treatment.

Fish Egg Facial

The ultimate of luxuries- fish eggs… also known as caviar. Many spas in Rome offer caviar facials and body treatments, meant to transform a dull complexion into firm, vibrant skin.

Wet Hay Wrap

A roll in the hay takes on a whole new meaning in Italy. At certain spas, you can lay in a water bed heated to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit while wrapped in wet hay. The treatment is said to fortify the immune system and boost metabolism.


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