Should You Run With A Cold?

You know how when you’re feeling lethargic/depressed/sluggish and you force yourself to go for a run and you feel transformed after? Well, you probably will feel lethargic/depressed/sluggish when you have a cold, but that doesn’t mean running is a good idea. Your transformation could just be into a hospital robe…

Ok… That was an exaggeration (worst case scenario—you develop pneumonia), but you get the point. And, of course, running with a cold isn’t going to necessarily land in in a hospital robe. The point is: don’t push yourself. There are few days when you get to sulk, be pampered and do nothing. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

Ever heard of the rule of thumb? Well, when it comes to exercising with a cold, just remember the rule of neck. Doctors say it should be OK to run with a cold if your symptoms are above the neck. Think runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat.

If the symptoms are below the neck however, like chest congestion, a cough or body aches, swap out your sneakers for your slippers.

I know that a fever is technically above the neck but…ever notice how loopy you feel when you have a fever? Yeah. You don’t exactly want to be running around in that condition, possibly mistaking a jellyfish on the beach for a Frisbee! Not to mention running with a fever of 99 or higher could put you at serious risk for dehydration.

When you’re in good health and you SO don’t feel like going for a run—go for one. It’s the best time to do it. It will improve your mood, has incredible health benefits, and will put you one step closer to zipping up that tight black dress/skinny jeans/whatever’s not fitting. But when you are sick and you SO don’t feel like going for a run—Don’t! You finally have an excuse.

But, when you’ve packed up your tissue boxes and Tylenol, hit the ground running (literally!).


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