How Hot Are You? Heat Up and Slim Down With These Hot Peppers

How hot are you? If you just ate a pepper that ranks 1,000,000 on the Scoville Scale, you’re probably simultaneously passing out and guzzling a gallon of water. The Scoville scale measures how hot a pepper is based on how many times it’s extract has to be diluted before it can no longer be tasted. The hottest pepper—the Naga Jolokia—has to be diluted 1,000,000 times!

While the Naga Jolokia sounds a bit intimidating, it could be beneficial for you to discover which of the below peppers you can handle. Research has found that eating hot peppers could help you lose weight. Ever notice how your whole body can get hot after eating a pepper? That’s a good thing! Your body requires energy to heat up. In other words, getting hot burns calories.

Here’s a look at some peppers you might actually consider trying:

Low-Heat Peppers

• Hot Cherry Peppers—add these pickled to a pasta dish
• Banana Peppers—great for stuffed pepper dishes

Medium-Heat Peppers

• Cascabell Pepper—often found in the popular Mexican dish: Mole
• Fresno Peppers—try one grilled on your burger
• Mirasol Pepper—IF you’re adventurous, add a pinch to your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe

Flaming-Hot Peppers

• Habanero Pepper—try adding one, seeded and minced, to your favorite chili recipe
• Cayenne Pepper—add a pinch to your guacamole
• Chili de Arbol—makes a great salsa

Trying to lose weight? Maybe Mexican food isn’t your enemy after all. The calorie-burning benefits of hot peppers means that dieting doesn’t have to be a bland and boring experience. Time to heat things up!

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