Shapely, Strong, Sexy Calves: Your Daily 100

Want sculpted, toned, shapely calves like dancers? Don’t we all. Thing is, dancer’s rehearse for hours upon hours a day to achieve that shapely, sexy, strong and toned perfection. BUT you can define your legs too if you just do a few critical moves… like this one. Do this Daily 100 every day and soon you’ll see a difference. After all, Natalie Portman, who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for “Black Swan” was able to get a dancer’s body in just months thanks to training and rehearsing. So can you ;) ****NOTE: IF you start to feel sore before you finish the 100, STOP. Try it again in a couple of days, adding maybe 10 more to your last count. As with all exercises, if your muscles aren’t quite strong enough yet, work up to it, don’t force them to engage if you feel like you’ve already done enough… ****


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