20 Workouts You Didn't Know You Were Doing

Do you consider yourself lazy? Give yourself some credit! Odds are you’re burning calories throughout the day in unexpected ways. Your friend may rub her 45 minute stairmaster session in your face, but if she sat on her butt the rest of the day, you might actually be the one getting the bigger workout. Next time you get a finger wagged at you for not hitting the gym, you can come back with, “hey! I went to the playground today!” Remember, it really is the little things that count, add up, and make a big difference. Just like that slice of chocolate cake may be bad, but that hourly handful of m&m’s- worse…

Here are 20 workouts you didn’t even know you were getting (if not, they’ll sound so fun you’ll start doing them today!)

Does the euphoria of girls night out (or guys) have you requesting the desert menu? That’s okay! Because a night out with your friends tends to include these calorie-crunching activities:

1. Dancing-There’s a reason you’re patting down your forehead with your cocktail napkin at a club. Dancing can burn up to 500 calories per hour!

2. Darts-Here’s an excuse to approach that cutie you’ve been eye’ing-invite her to a game of darts. One hour can burn 147 calories.

3. Jitters—Nervously tapping your foot while chatting with that guy at the bar? Gain some confidence in this fact: fidgeters burn up to 350 calories more per day.

Improve your relationship and your figure with these:

4. A Rub Down—Giving just a 30 minute massage can burn up to 117 calories. Time to de-robe your honey and light the candles…

5. Tumble in the Hay—There’s a reason sex is often called a “session” in the sack. Just like a session with your personal trainer or a session on the treadmill, getting it on can scorch some serious calories—approximately 100 an hour (or more depending on your preferences!)

If you eat too much at a barbecue your first instinct is to go home and sleep it off, but don’t! Being in the presence of friends, good weather and a backyard is the perfect opportunity to negate those nachos. Try these:

6. Badminton—Burn up to 200 calories in 40 minutes with this old-school entertainment.

7. Charades—If your team is winning, that means you’re getting active. Score points and drop calories with this after dinner activity.

8. Get one in the hole!- Mini golf can burn 100 calories in 30 minutes.

Think you lost your chance to workout just because you were tending to your house all day? Your house has a workout hiding around every corner with these activities:

9. Paint Job- Put on those overalls! Painting a room can burn 204 calories per hour! Been meaning to brighten up that office or kitchen?

10. Clean House!- If you’ve been vacuuming, sweeping or scrubbing in preparation for dinner guests, you’ve most likely already burned off the calories from that delectable meal you’ve prepared.

11. Grocery Shopping—Tired of the terror of over-indulging once you hit the snack lane? Cheer up with this thought—pushing a cart for 45 minutes burns 117 calories.

12. Car Wash- Don’t hide your dirty car in the garage because guests are coming over. Take this opportunity to burn 204 extra calories by washing those wheels yourself.

13. Gardening- Break out the green thumb. Pulling weeds and planting new, beautiful seedlings can burn 204 calories in 40 minutes!

14. Feng Shui— Not only will the new positioning of furniture bring good energy into your room, but the heavy work of moving furniture will boost those endorphins.

15. Change Sheets— Ashamed of how long you’ve been snoozing in the same linens? Here’s a motivator—30 minutes of changing linens can burn 185 calories.

Don’t commit your coveted weekends to the gym. Find your workout in your You time, family time, and nights out with your friends with these calorie combats:

16. Bowling— Swap out those sneakers for bowling shoes and roll away those calories (176 per hour).

17. Hit the Playground!- Now you have no excuse to deny your pleading child of some time at the park. 20 minutes of hopscotch can burn 113 calories.

18. Shopping— While you’re burning though those credit cards, if you are clothing shopping you are also burning through calories! Each outfit your try on burns about 11 calories. Good news is: you don’t have to actually buy the clothes to benefit.

19. Your Furry Friend— Playing or walking with your pet can eliminate 165 calories per hour.

20. Pamper Yourself— Give yourself a mani/pedi or straighten/curl/blowout your hair and you can burn 223 calories in one hour (and let’s face it, you’re probably spending 2 hours in that heaven). How is it a workout? Think of the odd position you have to put your body in to get to your toes, the concentration to pain them correctly (yes thinking- also a workout), the strenuous pulling of the brush as you straighten or curl your hair (also a major shoulder and arm workout- ask your hair stylist).

You don’t have to feel guilty for opting out of traditional workouts in favor of more appealing activities. Some of your favorite pastimes might actually be serious calorie singers! Do more of what you love, and toss the guilt. There is a workout opportunity at every corner.


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