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4 Weeks to YOUR BETTER BODY... Fitness, Food, and Lifestyle Calendar

You’ve got 4 weeks to Better Your Body before for your vacation, wedding, photo shoot, beach party, big event, or just because it’s TIME to make a plan and kick start your better body program now! This is a loose and basic fitness, food, and fit lifestyle plan and calendar to help. You fill in the basics with your fitness and food preferences. Remember, the great thing about living a fit life is that you can make it work for you, fit into your lifestyle, weave throughout your daily habits. It’s not about what works for me, it’s about what works for you. Listen to your body. Don’t push it beyond it’s limits. If you need a little more food, eat it! If you need a little less food- great! The key though is not to listen to your mind when it attempts to tell you that “it’s really ok to hit snooze instead,” or “it’s really ok to devour that entire pizza/cake/bag or chips…” In the end, those 20 seconds, or even 5 minutes of tastebud bliss as you are munching on that fabulous treat… NOT WORTH IT compared to how fantastic you will feel if you can get through this month and feel and look “better”- whatever “better” means to you. Then keep on going. Remember, living fit isn’t a destination, it’s a journey…



Are you REALLY Consuming 93 lbs of Sugar a Year?

Is your sugar high keeping your weight high? I know you need your morning boost, your afternoon pick me up, your after dinner treat…but these seemingly insignificant routines could be racking up a significant amount of sugar in your diet. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 6 teaspoons a day of sugar for women—that’s 6 packets. How many little paper packets are people actually tearing open daily? Some as many as 28 a day! That adds up to 93 POUNDS of the sweet stuff EVERY YEAR! And how does that translate to your body? You are consuming an annual 40,800 calories, which means 11.5 lbs of body weight in sugar every year. So how are you putting on the few extra pounds? Probably with some of these very popular items…



Stiletto Quickie: Stand Up Sit Down... Your Daily 100

This Daily 100 (100 seconds or 100 reps of any exercise) is something that you do everyday anyway. I’m just asking you to do them over and over again in order to really put this everyday move to work and get the most out of it. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or where you are, you can stand up and sit down, and stand up and sit down, and stand up and sit down…. Yes, it’s the basic squat. Now go!