Big Date? How to Fake A Perfect Body…

Big date, but not yet in shape? Not to worry, there are plenty of ways to do last minute slimming prep to look great for that date! Since celebs are faced with the dilemma pretty regularly, I decided to take a few tips from their red carpet ready tricks (of course, I toned them down a bit since we live in the real world).

Weeks of stressing, sweating, spray tanning, spa’ing, and dieting to the verge of starving… Yes, it’s “awards season” when the stars strut it along the paparazzi-lined red carpet posing in their practiced stances that best flaunt their hard-earned assets. Why oh why must we put our bodies through such strain to attain this ridiculously unrealistic perfect? Because one bad pic could land them on one of many “worst” lists. Problem is: promoting that near-impossible standard of “perfect” can cause the every-woman to stress about our less than paparazzi-picturesque reflection.

But here’s the BIG SECRET: Celebs don’t maintain “perfect” year round. In fact, they oftentimes fake it thanks to practiced positioning, flattering cuts, same-day de-puffers, strategic spray tanning, momentary muscle-toning exercises, and a whole lot of eye-catching confidence. Think about it how many “celeb flaws exposed” magazine features there are highlighting “stars without makeup” in all of their eye-sagging, cellulite studded, muffin-top glory. Yes, celebs are people too, with real bodies just like you. So before you stress out about your hot date or high school reunion, doing your best to trim your body to best face (and best butt) forward-perfection, try some of these celeb red carpet secrets to fake your body perfect too.

AM: Good healthy carbs like oatmeal, berries, a green smoothie, plus some healthy fats such as almond butter slathered on a banana or apple.
LUNCH/ DINNER: Lots of veggies and healthy proteins like fish, hemp seeds (also a great source of fiber), almonds, or lean high quality meats.

DAIRY: Some people should stay away from dairy because it can cause bloat for those who are lactose sensitive.
SALT: Salt is another stay-away-from spice if you don’t want to look like an inflated balloon. Overdid it on the soy sauce? Eat potassium-rich foods to counterbalance salt puff like: Avocado, Beets, Papaya, Sweet Potato, Yogurt, Grapefruit, and Salmon.

To decrease circumference fast, you need to drop water weight. Try these “Diuretic” Foods to Encourage De-Puffing: Celery, Celery seed, Cranberry juice, Green tea, Fennel, and Parsley.

Focus on last minute touch-up toning on any exposed muscles. The rush of blood to the area will temporarily engorge the muscle, making it appear to be more toned and tight than it actually is. Try Tricep Dips, Calf Raises, Plank, Push-Ups, Lunges, and Squats to target areas most noticed in dresses. You could also do a Quickie Workout in Bed

Confidence is the most important accessory you can adorn with. Without it, you can be wearing the most beautiful gown, and have a great hair day, but still not be the best version of yourself. Don’t leave home without it!


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