Couples That Exercise Together, Have Better Sex Together

Most everybody does it. To some it’s a daily occurrence, others weekly, while many maintain a mere monthly practice of it (maybe…).

Some prefer it slow and controlled, placing focus on each movement in order to go deeper into the muscle. Others like it fast, powering through it until their muscles quiver and beads of sweat stream from every pore.

Regardless of how and why you do it, when you do it with a partner it creates a connection that transcends talking, allowing body and mind to mingle.

Yes… I’m talking about exercise. Exercise in general, and even more so, exercising with a partner has been shown to create more satisfaction in the bedroom. In fact exercise can even serve as a form of foreplay!

When you work out, you get your blood flowing, your muscles firing, and your heart pumping. Any correlation to sex? Yes- obviously. Here’s how fitness can help get your heart going between the sheets too:

Chemically, Exercise Improves Sex By: Exercise naturally releases endorphins (known as happy chemicals) in our brains giving us that “natural high.” Feeling great after a workout can also make you feel more connected with the person who you shared the high with- and who better than your partner!

Physically, Exercise Improves Sex By: Dedicating time to exercise together is a commitment to take care of your body, tone your muscles, burn calories, and shows your partner that you care about improving or maintaining your physical appearance and health- therefore longevity, in order to spend more quality time together now and in the future. Not to mention basic attraction. It’s easy to get into a comfortable grove and let yourself go once in a relationship. Working out together is a great way to help keep that initial appearance-fueled spark alive.

, Exercise Improves Sex By: Any interest or activity that a couple shares and experiences together can have a positive impact on the relationship, especially when you are depending on each other to do it.

More than the shared experience, any form of physical activity that strengthens the pelvic floor can actually enhance your experience in the bedroom too. Similar to kegels, core exercises like Pilates, sit-ups, and strength training effectively strengthens (and stimulate) the pelvic muscles, helping to heat things up and even intensify an orgasm.

A few exercises that are particularly beneficial for your next bedroom romp include:

Butt Lifting Bridge
–Form a bridge with your body so that your weight is equally placed on your hands and knees with your stomach facing the ground
–Keep your back flat and your neck straight– do not bend your neck down.
–Your right leg is your working leg.
–Flex the foot of your working leg.
–Keep the knee of your working leg bent as you raise it back. The movement should come from the hip. Nothing else should move.
–Raise your leg 90 degrees off the floor, so that your quad is parallel with the floor.
–Engage your glutes to move your leg up and down.
–Slowly lower the knee back down to the floor, returning to your starting position.
–Repeat on the same leg until you complete one set.
–Switch working legs and repeat.

Butt Lifting Bridge Feet Together
–Repeat the above, but with your ankles pushing together, feet flat on the floor, knees spread open to opposite sides.

Butt Lifting Bridge Knees Together
–Repeat the above, but with your knees pushing together, feet about a foot apart flat on the floor.

–Lie on your back with your hands under your head and your feet flat on the floor.
–Raise and straighten your left leg 12 inches off the ground, then bring your left knee in toward your chest.
–At the same time, reach your right elbow forward to meet your left knee.
–Straighten your leg again, and as you lower it, raise your right leg to meet your left elbow. (The leg moves are similar to riding a bike.)
–Do 16 elbow-to-knee crosses (8 on each side), then return to starting position.

Leg and Butt Lift
–Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, palms down.
–Lift both legs 90 degrees up in the air and put the soles of your feet together, forming a diamond.
–Straighten your legs as much as possible while keeping your feet together.
–At the same time, using your abs, lift your butt 3 inches off the floor, then lower.
–Do 16 reps. Hint: Use your arms to maintain balance.


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