Oatmeal and Egg w/ Avocado & Parsley... Don't Knock it Till you Try it!: Quickie in the Kitchen

More than for the purpose of filling and fattening you up, what you put in your mouth has purpose. This is my fave Bites with Benefits breakfast recipe because it’s a complete, savory, warming, filling, protein, fiber, and nutrient rich well-rounded meal. It’s addictively good. Don’t knock it till you try it!

This is my fave Bites with Benefits breakfast recipe because it’s a balanced, savory, warming meal, perfect before you workout or go to work. BwB (bites with benefits):
OATMEAL- Healthy carb. Helps to control blood sugar, calms the nerves, cuts fat, keeps you fuller longer, raises serotonin levels- making you happier.
EGG- Protein. Omega-3 fatty acid = good fat which help reduce inflammation and build muscle. 6g protein, 5g fat. Yolk filled with lecithin- great for connective tissue to help fight cellulite and wrinkles
MILK- Filled with bone supporting calcium, helps curb hunger and minimize fat stores.

How to Make It:
Boil small amount of water w/pinch of salt.
Add non-fat Milk. Bring to a simmer.
Add 1/2 cup slow cook Oatmeal
Let sit, stirring occasionally.
Crack egg into center of oatmeal. Let sit for 30 seconds.
Using a spoon, gently pull white from yolk.
Add 1/2 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese.
Add white pepper and Spike seasoning to taste.
Make sure the oatmeal isn’t sticking to bottom of pot. If it is, add a little more milk.
Break Yolk and mix in. Pour in bowl.
Add 1/3 Avocado if you’d like.

It’s addictively good.


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