Whiter Teeth

Prevent Plaque Build Up

While there are some teeth-staining foods to avoid, like coffee and wine (I know, the best stuff!) a big contributing factor to the yellow you perceive is plaque. Almost everyone develops plaque. If you don’t, then maybe you visit the dentist daily. For the rest of us, some simple dietary adjustments will have to suffice. Here is a list of food that helps clean plaque off your teeth:

Raw Celery

Raw Carrots

Raw String Beans

Raw Cauliflower

Raw Cucumbers



Try mixing these as home-made mouthwash and toothpaste:

Apple Cider Vinegar—swish around in your mouth

Strawberries—mix with baking soda, rub mixture on teeth and let sit for 5 minutes before brushing.

Orange Peel—rub the inside, white stringy part directly onto teeth


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