What's a Quickie Workout?

Food Network’s “5-Ingredient Fix,” Rachel Ray’s “30-Minute Meals”… it’s clear that people want fast easy fixes. Quickie Workouts are the “30-Minute Meals” of workouts (but shorter). They aren’t intimidating, you can easily slip them into your day and they cater to the everywoman. Like Giada does for cooking, Quickie Workouts are enjoyable to both watch and do yourself. There is sex appeal- sure, but that doesn’t minimize the real body, mood, and health effects. Quickie Workouts are efficient, fun, tongue-in-cheek, life enhancing, and the ultimate lazy chick’s workout because you can easily slip them into your day, anywhere, at anytime, no-equipment-necessary.

It’s been proven, 3 15-minute workouts a day are as fat-burning effective as one long workout. Why? Because you are getting your blood pumping and elevating your metabolism multiple times a day and burning more calories.

Quickie Workouts are perfect for:
-Lazy Chick’s. It’s the best Lazy Chick’s workout (at least according to VitalJuice.com)
-Severely overweight and exercise intimidated who aren’t yet ready, or physically able, to venture out to workout in view of others.
-Do-Everything, No-Time to Spare, On-The-Go women
-Snoozers (workouts in bed are a better way to motivate out of bed)
-Moms (who don’t want to leave the house, or even the room due to a sleeping newborn
-The chick who has tried “everything else” and needs a new exercise fix
-Pretty much everyone else.
… oh and men… who just want to gawk. Wherever you get your kicks, right?

Really, that “I don’t have time to work out” excuse… Not an excuse anymore. Everyone has time to slip in a quickie.


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