What's a Quickie in the Kitchen

Your days are crazed. Whether filled with work, family, friends, chores, errands… oh and maybe even slipping in a second for yourself, the idea of then slaving away in the kitchen in order to prepare something both edible and  healthy seems like a feat too exhaustive to even to think about (let alone actually do). So what’s your go-to? For way too many it’s fast, nutrient-sapped food that has been manufactured to taste good, all the while packing it onto your thighs, butt and stomach.

And that’s why I prefer to choose Bites with Benefits ingredients, whipping them into a quickie meal meant to, yes taste good and be good for you. Novel, I know. Now, that doesn’t mean that every ingredient is low fat, low carb, low cal… (there are just too many diet restrictions and preferences to please everyone), nor is every single ingredient a bite with benefits. What you will find are “Quickies in the Kitchen”- easy, tasty, some even crave-worthy meals that you can whip together even on the most time-crunched day. And “Bites with Benefits”- foods with purpose, like de-puffing, energizing, calming, stimulating, hangover preventing, and fat burning.


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