Tanner does more than create a sun-kissed glow. Self tanner, when sprayed evenly all over the skin, naturally makes you appear smaller (come on, you should know this… dark clothes- or tanners- make the body look slimmer while whites have the tendency to make even the skinniest seem thick). More than looking like you just returned from a trip to Maui, strategically applying tanner to certain areas of the skin creates definition that looks totally normal. Yes, tanner can help accentuate muscle tone on your abs, legs and arms with strategic application, creating the illusion of depth and muscle definition. Tanner also makes cellulite (if you have it) less obvious. You have options: spray tan and self tanning cream. What I WOULDN’T recommend is tanning salons. They have been proven to be worse for you than smoking… Be smart chickadees. It’s not worth it.


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