Slip in a good sweat session to help squeeze out bloat. But don’t overdo it! Too much and too intense can actually have an opposite effect, engorging your muscles with blood (therefore pumping them up), and temporarily filling your blood stream with bloating cortisol. If trying to look fit the day of the big event, do some quickie resistance exercises. The point isn’t to sweat, but to create the illusion of toned muscles. Tricep Dips, Calf Raises, Plank, Push-Ups, Lunges, and Squats are great areas to target-tone.

Focus on last minute touch-up toning on any exposed muscles. The rush of blood to the area will temporarily engorge the muscle with blood, making it appear to be more tone and tight than it actually is. For example:
-Calf raises will help to enhance your legs.
-Make your shoulders, chest, and triceps look tight and healthy with seated dips off your sofa, chair, or a high step.
-You know how some men like to the pooch that bubbles over the top of your jeans He’s actually not trying to be insulting, he just thinks you’re adorable. Next time he goes in to pinch your pooch, be prepared by doing Plank for 100 seconds (a Daily 100) right before the event begins.


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