Foods To Fake A Perfect Body

Eat to de-puff and fake perfection! Yes, ingest good healthy carbs in the morning like oatmeal, berries, a green smoothie, plus some healthy fats such as almond butter slathered on a banana or apple. For lunch and dinner eat lots of veggies and healthy proteins such as fish, hemp seeds (also a great source of fiber), almonds, or lean high quality meats, and VEGGIES (oh, did I say that already?). If you have a hankering for something sweet, have a small chunk of dark chocolate (at least 65% cocoa).

More than what you should eat, be aware of what you shouldn’t eat- which isn’t always just the fatty stuff. Some people should stay away from dairy because it can cause bloat for those who are lactose sensitive. Salt is another stay-away-from spice if you don’t want to look like an inflated balloon.

Since it is literally impossible to drop poundage on a days notice, yet you still want to look as if you’ve “lost weight,” your best bet is to go for a decrease in circumference… through water loss. Here are foods that can help do the trick. Um… make sure you choose organic- it’s even better for you (not to mention the planet):

—————————————-Cut this out and tape it to your fridge! ———————————–
“Diuretic” Foods to Encourage De-Puffing
-Celery Seed
-Cranberry Juice
-Green Tea
-Dandelion leaf tea (also helps in detoxification and urinary tract infections)
-Juniper Berries

High Water Foods that, yes, Help Eliminate Excess Water
Eating high water content foods is another way to increase the elimination of excess fluid retention. I know, counter-intuitive:
-Brussels Sprouts
-Tomatoes (also aid metabolism)

Potassium-rich foods actually counterbalance the puffing qualities of salt and alcohol, acting as a mild diuretic. Here’s a list of potassium-rich foods that you should slip into your diet right now.
-Beets and Beet greens
-Butternut Squash
-Dried Apricots
-Orange juice
-Unsalted Almonds


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