Bites with Benefits Before An Exam

It’s time for an exam, and you feel scatter brained. You know you studied but you just can’t seem to gather all your knowledge! Here are some foods to help you focus and keep up the energy to dot your last I’s.

Rye—The real wonder bread, rye is full of iron, which delivers oxygen to your cells and boosts energy.

Blueberries—the antioxidants and Omega-3 acids are good for your brain.

Oatmeal—your body quickly takes glucose out of carbohydrates and turns it into energy.

Watermelon—Vitamin C fights fatigue

Yogurt—the amino acid tyrosine helps in the production of dopamine and noradrenalin, keeping you alert.

Banana-Your brain likes carbs! The sugar in the carbohydrates is easily turned into energy.

Apple—Don’t give your teacher an apple—keep it for yourself! Full of vitamin C, apples help in the production of neurotransmitters and the brains ability to turn sugar into energy.

Sardines—The Amino acid called tyrosine helps with mental function

Salmon—Bagel and Lox for breakfast! The omega 3 fatty acids helps with memory, focus and reasoning by keeping blood vessels clear of blockages and allowing nerve cells to function at a high level.

Don’t suffocate your brain! Iron is essential in providing your brain with the oxygen it needs for normal activity. Some foods rich in iron are:

Sweet potato


Lean Red Meat

It may not be an easy word to remember, but Cruciferous vegetables help retain memory. Here is a list of the funny-sounding food:


Brussel Sprouts





Collard Greens



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