Even if you don’t like following trends, you may have to bend your rule for the anti-oxidant fad. Foods full in antioxidants can help defend illnesses, improve overall function of your organs and digestive system, and offer cosmetic benefits. Here is a list of foods high in antioxidants:


Flax seeds—the protein in flaxseed helps transport nutrients into your cells. Flaxseed is also full of lignans, antioxidants that help prevent cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Blueberries—full of antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body.

Beets—drinking too much? The betaine in beets promotes the regeneration of liver cells and the flow of bile

Acai-berry—There’s a reason this berry has its own website. The dietary fiber, monounsaturated fat and Vitamin B aid digestion. Acai also contains anthocyanins and flavonoids, antioxidants known to strongly protect the body against free radicals.


Pomegranate—contains as many antioxidants as seeds. Almost. Pomegranates contain ellagic acid which inhibits cancer formation and mutation. Pomegranates also contain anthocyanidin and proanthocyanidins, substances that have been shown to reduce the production of new blood vessels in tumors.


Raspberries—the ellagic acids inhibit cancer formation and mutation.

Broccoli—Try some broccoli with your booze. Broccoli supports the livers detoxification enzymes.


Garlic—This vampire-repellant also contains Allicin, a sulfur-based compound that helps activate the detoxification process

 Apples—the Pectin helps bind toxins and remove them from the intestines.


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